What is my ideal weight ?

What is my ideal weight ?

That is a great question that I hear alot.The answer is easy really what weight are you most comfortable with?

Now when I say this I do not mean eat as much as you want, to make you obese or to put strain on  your organs.

But eating healthy and getting to a Weight where you are comfortable is not a bad thing,we all can carry a few extra pounds and not look bad or be in bad health .

Personally, I can go up and extra 14 to 20 pounds but I can drop that weight just as easy.

I have pairs of jeans ranging from 28 ”  waist right up to 38 ”  depending if I am bulking or cutting at thr gym.

The best way I find to be a weight suitable for myself is how I feel with that weight.

If i get to big I tend to get breathless a lot easier and If i get to light I feel weak all the time.


What is my ideal weight ?

There are many experts on the Internet and to many doctors and other people who will tell you facts about your body, and tell you for your height and size your perfect weight should be blah blah .

Now I totally agree with charts and statistics  if everyone was build the same and everybody had the same diet and life style.

But in the real world this is not the case.

For example If person 1 works in an office and is sat at a desk then they will not burn as many calories as person 2 who does manual labour in a factory.

Person 1 may be 220 pounds and be 1 meter 97 and person 2 maybe 167 pounds and 1 meter 70 everybody is different even twins and other siblings.

So therefore we all need different food quantitys and exercises to keep our bodies in shape.

What works for me may not be great for someone else.

what is my ideal weight

What is my ideal weight ?

The main thing that you need to understand is the you need to be healthy to be able to live life the best you can.

So eating the right foods and keeping your body in good shape is the best way forward so you can live a longer healthier life.

There is a saying the is you are what you eat and to a certain extent this is true.

Without food we would die for sure but it is also very important that we eat the correct foods, so we keep our bodies fit and healthy.

The more weight you carry  puts strain on the heart and other important organs in your body.

So not only is eating the correct foods a must but also eating the right amount of food is also just as important.

Especially now many foods we eat are processed and have added content like extra sugar fats and other chemicals to make the shelf life longer.

Organic natural food is much better for you to eat but it can also be very expensive.

What is my ideal weight ?

So to round up this short post on what is my ideal weight the answers are simple really.

  1. Your ideal weight is one that you are comfortable with.
  2. Try to eat healthy and do not over eat so you put extra strain on your vital organs.
  3. It is ok to carry an extra few pounds around.
  4. It is also ok to have a treat like sweets chocolate and even fatty foods as long as you do not do it in excess.
  5. Use the mirror to see how much you weigh and do not rely the scales we are all different so charts and statistics will never be right for you.
  6. If you want to lose weight eat less excercise more.
  7. If you want to gain weight eat more.
  8. Be happy with the way you look this is the very best guide to see what your ideal weight should be.

Thank you for reading my short article on what is my ideal weight please feel free to leave a comment.