Fitness versus Age

Fitness versus Age

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Now there is a dilemma that has been asked many times

  this is a good question.

How much will your age affect how fit you are, of course we all know that when your younger you are naturally a lot stronger and fitter than if your old that is obvious and part of nature and growing old.

But here is the thing does fitness affect you when you are older?

In my opinion yes it does and a lot.

Now I am getting into the half a century on this planet and gravity takes it toll on all of us,yes everything will start to go south and the joints that were once subtle are starting to get a little creaky.

Fitness versus age

Fitness versus Age
Fitness versus Age

However once you start to keep yourself fit this can help you in many ways.

First of all exercising gives you energy.

It will make you feel better for sure as when you exercise your body send out endorphins  which give you the feel good factor, even when  you are tired.

Also when you exercise you get fitter and this makes your body stronger and take less stress when you are under pressure.

There is also strong evidence as you get older.that people who are active have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, depression and dementia.

Here is a small list of what benefits  keeping fit can help with as you get older.

  • Helps to reduce cholesterol,
  • Can help you sleep much better.
  • Exercise can reduce blood pressure.
  • Also it can help risk of injury to joints and muscles.
  • Increase of strength.
  • Helps with range of motion.
  • Reduces Risk of Heart Disease.
  • People who exercise regularly usually  tend to live longer.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Strengthens your  bones and muscles.
  • Can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other mental diseases.
  • Helps reduce hidden fat on your body.
  • Balance and Coordination can improve.

There are many other benefits that keeping yourself fit can improve.So why not visit a gym near you or do some exercises at home.

Fitness versus Age

Exercising is not hard there are many ways you can do this as there are many different exercises.

Then main thing you need to remember is to do something that you would not normally do in a day.

For example if you walk your dog for 1 mile everyday,your body knows that it is going to do this so this need to change so instead of walking 1 mile you could walk 2 miles then you are doing something your body is not expecting.

This is just an example to exercise you can do anything from lifting weights,running, walking, skipping, play sports,press ups,sit ups,yoga,gym class, aerobics, swimming, the list is endless.

The main thing you need to remember is not to over do things so you get injured.

Always seek advice from a professional if you are not sure of what to do.

And this is the most important thing to remember always enjoy yourself,make it fun.

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The Physical Fitness Benefits In Short

physical fitness benefitsPhysical Fitness Benefits

There can be  many benefits from physical fitness .

One of these is it can make the body  able to function better .

And it will work more efficiently and effectively in work and other activities in life.

Physical fitness Benefits is achieved by participating in the right physical exercise.

Also by  making sure that you eat the correct nutrition in your diet.

Physical Fitness is  Beneficial for your health

Many years  ago physical fitness would be measured by how you could carry out a days tasks without undue fatigue.

The term fitness came around the time of the industrial revolution,to be fit to carry out tasks.

To be healthy and to resist illness and hypokinetic diseases.

However in modern times people use it for endurance, sports,making themselves look physically better , and keeping illnesses away.

The benefits of being physically fit are amazing t it can reduce certain illnesses and make you live a better lifestyle.

List of illnesses that physical fitness can reduce :

Cancer  prevention – it has been one of the recommendations from the  American Institute for Cancer Research that physical fitness can help reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

With the correct diet and lowering suger and and sodium intake.

Cardiovascular disease prevention– being fit can also help prevent cardio vascular disease.

This is because when you are physically fit your cholesterol level is lower.

Your blood pressure is better and it reduces blood clotting factors, and helps the strengthening  of blood vessels.

Controlling blood pressure – Being fit can also help control your blood pressure.

Physical fitness can build a stronger heart ,the heart controls systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

The more you exercise the more blood pressure is produced and the more you do it the easier it is for the heart to build it.

So eventually the heart organ does not have to work as hard to achieve this.

Other benefits from keeping fit :

Weight loss- fitness can benefit weight loss it is proven that physical fitness can help with weight control.

It can have influence on sex steroid hormones, it can mediate metabolism and induces abdominal fats.

Immune System –Physical activities  have shown to help the levels of natural killer (NK) cells, NK T cells, macrophages, neutrophils and eosinophils, complements, cytokines, antibodies and T cytotoxic cells in the body .

They also help with blood flow and hydration and it will boost your immune system.

Exercise  also is proven to promote growth of new tissues and tissue repair, a contracting muscle release myokines which  repairs tissue and helps with growth.

Types of Training for Physical Fitness Benefits:

Running – marathons, hill running, jogging, sprinting,100 meter spint, middle distance running, sand running.

cycling- competition cycling, road cycling, mountain biking,

Aqua jogging – swimming.

Treadmill or walking.

Cardio vascular training getting those lungs working hard. Or hit training [high intensity training] which is high active training following by a more easy relaxed slower training.

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