How a cardio workout really helps my asthma

How a cardio workout really helps my asthma.

Today I am going to write about how a cardio workout helps my asthma the results are awesome and helps me with my breathing.

I started with asthma many years ago, however when I was younger it is not something that affected me as much as it did as I grew older.

Possibly because I always have kept myself fairly fit and active over the years.

The difficult breathing was there from my twenties due to smoking and working in an environment where it was diesel and other fumes around me.

But like most twenty year old’s you are not thinking long-term how the effects of things will affect you.

We are all going to live forever at that age 😀

unfortunately this is not the case and we all need to look at our health from time to time.

How a cardio workout really helps my asthma

How a cardio workout really helps my asthma.

When I first took up training again and started to hit the cardio on various machines like the step machine and the treadmill and the cross trainer.

It was hard,my breathing was so bad that I could not do more than 10 minutes,before stopping and struggling to breathe correctly.

But like  most forms of good exercises you need to build up slowly,so that not only do you get fitter in strength and stamina .

Eventually your breathing gets better too. Asthma is horrible but with the correct exercise and medication it can also be under brought under control.

The medication is a great help ,personally I use various inhalers the are basically steroid in various forms of powders that help  to open up my airways.

As long as your doctor give you the correct medication there should be no issues with exercising when you have asthma.

Every morning when I wake the first thing i do in blow my nose and clear my airways.

Then its time for my inhaler after 5 minutes  there is not big issue with breathing.

Then it is off to my local Gym for my 30 to 60  minute cardio workout.

I try to change the routine often so it is not boring. So stepping machine one day cross training another or even just go for a run or a fast walk.

Anything to get some air into those lungs and get them pumping 🙂 .

How a cardio workout really helps my asthma

How a cardio workout really helps my asthmaWhat is the difference since I started including a cardio workout into my daily routine.

First of all let me explain from Monday to Friday I do at minimum of 30 minutes cardio before my normal weight workout.

At the weekends I work so no cardio is done on those 2 days.

In the weekdays my breathing is absolutely fantastic to the extent that i can do most things that normally was exhausting and difficult to do.

So basic things like carrying heavy items ,walking the dogs, walking any distance over 200 meters,running for the bus,these used to be a real chore and as a rule would have me blowing and really hard to get my breath back.

Now these simple things are not even a chore and I could run around all day.

At the weekends when no exercises is done I can feel my chest getting tighter not to extreme that it was but still it is not as free as when i do cardio workouts in the week.

Please do not think that it is impossible to do any form of exercise because you suffer from asthma,it can be treated by  your doctor and keeping active will improve your breathing and get you fitter.

These things help me daily rather than sit at home get out there and get some air into those lungs you will feel 1000% better the more you exercise the better it feels .

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