Can not be bothered going to the gym today

Can not be bothered going to the gym today

I really can not be bothered going to the gym today,I feel like this a lot, to much in fact.

Sometimes I even convince myself that it will be ok ill do double tomorrow.But that will never happen right.

Thing is that I still go even if i don not feel like it, even if I feel that I can make every excuse in the world not to go I still get up and do my daily work out.

Simple reason being is because it makes me feel better after I finish my training, the endorphins kick in and it sets me up for the day.

Can not be bothered going to the gym today

So how do I convince myself that i need to go to the gym?

  • First of all take a look at all the hard work I have put into my body.
  • I then tell myself that it will make a difference if I skip a day.
  • What will the other people think of me at the gym if i do not turn up.
  • I will feel like rubbish all day if I skip a session.
  • But most of all I tell myself not to quit.

Can not be bothered going to the gym today

Quitting is easy to do.It is natural for us to take the easy way out skip the hard work and do everything the easy way.

But in the times we live in if you want to stay fit and healthy you need to work hard at it.

Look at the facts around us technology is taking over most things are at a touch of a button.

Everything is going faster, the work we do the food we eat and life in general is fast paced, bosses are after results and want to make as much profit in the shortest space of time.

Much of the food we eat is processed so it lasts longer, and the sugar content in our food has skyrocketed over the years to a much bigger amount.

The sugar industry is massive, everywhere you look they have offers for sweet all the bad things that contain the most sugar are cheaper than organic or fresh produce.

Basically we live in a world where manual labour is not as hard as it once was, and we are surrounded by food that is bad for you.

Can not be bothered going to the gym today

Unfortunately  all this ladies and gentlemen will make you put on excess weight if you do not try to control it with the correct diet and exercise.

So even if you have never been to a gym in your life,or your having a down day where nothing is going right , there is no excuse for not trying to keep fit.

Everything is against us and in life it will possibly get worse,but that 30 minutes to and hour a day in a workout out at a gym or another sport, will just for a slight moment make you feel better.

And with the right controlled diet in your life and the correct exercise you will not only feel better but live a longer healthier life.

There is no age limit to exercise just get out and do it you will be surprised at the outcome .

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It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older ,just your body gets older and you are less active that you was when you was 20.

It is really no excuse for keeping your self fit.

Daily life goes on you still have work and general chores to do daily so fitness is a must .
The best way of healthy living is to eat a good diet of the correct foods and do a little exercise on a daily basis.

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

People do not need to do excess exercising to keep fit they only need to do extra that they normally do daily.

Here is an example of what I mean.

If you are walking 5 miles at work everyday, and you body knows this it is used to doing this exercise on a daily basis.

Therefore to get fitter you need to add extra onto your daily routine.

Many different forms of exercises are available that can be used.

Here is a small list of stuff you can add into your daily routine.

  • Press ups.
  • Sit ups.
  • Running.
  • Walking.
  • Play extra sports [football,rugby,tennis,squash etc].
  • Swimming.
  • Plank.
  • Yoga.
  • Squat jumps.

that is just a few of the thousands of simple different exercises that you could add into your daily routine ,this will help you stay fit and keep active.

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

The main reason we have to keep fit is simply because when we get older, we start to slow down.

Things get harder to do physically, and the bone and joints in our bodies start to get worn out.

As well as your organs you heart kidney liver etc are also aging at the same time as you.

We can never stop the aging process but we can help to make it easier for ourselves as we get a little older.

Keeping physically fit and eating the right foods and drink will benefit your body 100%.

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

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Eating correctly is a big factor in keeping fit also.

I am not saying eat a perfect diet but you need to watch that you do not eat to much sugar and fats and you need to eat what your body needs to function correctly.

Your body is an engine as long as you fuel it correctly it will keep going, but if you put to much bad fuel in it then there will potentially be problems with your organs and your joint and bones.

To many adverts are  out saying that you must eat 5 a day of fruit and vegetables, but as long as your body gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals it will keep going.

There are millions of different foods that you can eat to stay healthy and fit, but my personal advise is always ask a professional if you are unsure.

It is really not hard to keep fit as you get older

Tips for choosing the right foods.

  1. Always read the label on what the food contains
  2. make sure you have no allergies to the food you buy.
  3. Read how much sugar there is in the food as to much sugar can be bad for you.
  4. Make sure it does not have to much salt in the food you are buying.
  5. Always check how much fat is in the product some fats are good for you and some are bad for you read up on the difference.
  6. Check out the total calories.
  7. This is the important one enjoy the food 😀

Eating a calorie controlled diet can be a good idea as long as you can still enjoy your food.

Everyone needs a certain amount of calories in their diet, that consists of the correct amount of fats carbohydrates and proteins ask for advice on this so you do not over indulge when eating.

Eating the right amount of food daily and adding that bit of extra exercise in your daily routine will keep you fit and healthy and make you live longer.

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How Can I lose Weight Stomach Fat

how do I lose weight stomach fat?

Well to put it as easy as possible, you cannot.

No matter how may crunches you do, or leg raiser, you will not have the ability to target the fat in your abdominal region. The reason being, you can NOT localize fat removal. Doing sit ups and crunches only work the abdominal muscles and have absolutely no result on the fat burned because location.

When your body burns fat, it uses fat stores from where it can find fat. When you lose fat, your body will do so in it’s own natural “balance.”.

The best method to lose that ugly fat is through diet. There is no surprise secret, magic pill, or piece of equipment that will quickly get rid of any fat.

how do I lose weight stomach fat?


lose weight and fat

Weight-loss Or Fat Loss – Important Differences To Drop weight And Fat Healthily

Some individuals made use of the term “weight reduction” while others call it “fat loss” whilst numerous make use of the terms weight-loss as well as fat loss mutually. You should recognize the distinction if you intend to drop weight or lose fat successfully and a healthy diet.

What you will certainly be taking a look at from the scale is fat burning as well as not fat loss when you tip into your restroom range every early morning. Bath area scales are never ever precise in determining weight loss.

Considering that it determines your total weight as well as not your body fat per se. You simply loss weight not loss fat! Your body fat is still there while the weight of other substances such as glycogen, wastes, water etc are reduced.

how do I lose weight stomach fat?

fat and weight loss

Now go consider yourself once again after dinner when you are totally restored via dishes and also usage of water as well as it might amazed you that you may most likely weigh 2kg or extra much larger and that goes to the very least 4.4 extra pounds! You simply put on weight and also might even obtained fat! Currently you can see that it is such a misnomer when people believe weight-loss and also weight loss are the similar point.

Why must you recognize the difference? Especially those who get on the fat side want to lose fat and also not constantly intend to reduce weight due to the fact that for the majority of us. Getting the drift?

Simple weight-loss may cause you to shed muscular tissue as well as then, make you get body fat later. The much less calories your body burn, the a lot more calories wound up being saved as body fat! It is important to shed fat however not merely reduce weight which may consist of the loss of muscle mass cells.

Exactly how is it that a person may lose muscular tissue on a weight reduction program? Your body will certainly after that represent to your mind that you are in a hunger mode and the body is designed to maintain fat for the upcoming deficiency and will certainly use up your muscular tissue for energy in your daily activities.

how do I lose weight stomach fat?

When your body is depleted of carbohydrate, it relies on your protein (muscles) and also body fat indiscriminately for power. The vicious circle of your body cannibalizing its own muscle is embeded in activity once more. The very same usages to people on slimming tablets or salon weight loss programs.

Your muscular tissues are heavier than fats and also exactly what will your body shed more when it wishes to get lighter? Muscle or fat? Your body will certainly lose both nevertheless more muscular tissues than fats.

Anyway, why would certainly you want to reduce weight simply to end up being a smaller sized you with the precise same physique with no muscle tone? Why would certainly you wish to be on a fat burning program that consumes your muscles and lower your weight loss rate a lot to ensure that when you are off the program, the fats come piling back on once more?

While you are on a lose weight program, you must likewise be on a construct muscle program. That will certainly suggest a mix of appropriate dietary routine, cardio workouts and also weightlifting workouts to maintain muscular tissue conservation and a weight management result.

From now on educate people you are on a weight reduction program as well as not a fat burning program. That you get on a correct eating technique rather than just merely dieting.

With the distinction plainly in mind, you will after that understand methods to lose fat effectively, preserve and expand your muscles and also at the same time reducing weight on your bathroom scale. Because of that you will certainly shed body fat as opposed to muscle as well as straightforward body wastes, that would certainly be a best approach to obtain your fat burning goal.

Some individuals used the term “weight reduction” while others call it “weight loss” whilst great deals of use the terms weight loss and also weight loss mutually. You simply loss weight not loss fat! Now you can see that it is such a misnomer when people believe weight-loss and also weight loss are the same point.

Given that for the majority of us, especially those that get on the fat side desire to lose fat as well as not always intend to drop weight. It is vital to lose fat however not just slim down which might contain the loss of muscular tissue cells.

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Mindset When Bodybuilding

Mindset When Bodybuilding

body building mindset
Mindset When Bodybuilding

Your Mindset when bodybuilding has to be correct.

No matter how old you are or how fit and active you think you are bodybuilding is by far one of the hardest sports that you can compete in.

The sheer pain of all those hours at the gym basically ripping and re ripping your muscles so they grow is a test of not only strength and endurance  but also a mental test.

Your mindset has to be totally focused on the goal that you have set out to do.

Bodybuilding is basically resistance exercise that will develop your muscles.

It is achieved  with the correct diet with carbohydrates  and oils  and proteins to get the best result.

Bulking Up

To get size on when you are body building you need to eat more calories.

There are 2 ways of doing this one is the clean bulk with is eating all the right foods that contain the correct fats oils and proteins and this way you will  not add too much fat to your body whilst growing.

The other is the dirty bulk where you eat everything including burgers take ways and sugary foods and do not really care about adding fat to your body a just adding lots of calories.

The excess fat will be gone when you diet down anyway.

Even whilst  bulking it can be  hard to fit extra meals in to your daily life some take as many as 10000 calories  a day.To gain the weight before dieting back down for competition.


Dieting down or cutting for bodybuilding is by far the hardest thing that you will have to do.

Many bodybuilders cut out all carbs up to 8 weeks before a competition.

This will be mentally and physically hard  and you have to have the right mindset and attitude or you will never make it.

All your energy will be at its lowest point and you still need to focus on lifting those weights and also doing a lot of cardio vascular exercises.

There is no easy way to get rid of all the excess fats and just have solid muscle to put on show.

Tips for setting your goal

1. Do not try to build up to fast it is a very slow process sometimes it can take years.

2. Get the right advice from people who have actually competed before.

3. Get the correct diet ask a nutritionist advice on what to eat at each stage.

4. Do not over exercise keep a good routine.

5. Get enough rest between work outs.

6. Drink enough water at all times.

7. The most important tip of all is enjoy working out.

It is a really hard sport and bodybuilding can  be hard as well as enjoyable you have to have the right frame of mind to compete and you have to want to win.

On the other hand body building can be great for fitness as well as for your health even if you do not take it serious enough to compete just for trimming or having a nice shapely body is a great feeling.

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