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NostradamiaHello everyone and welcome to nostradamia.com .

Lets start with what we are trying to achieve with this website.

Since I am fairly new to blogging.

I thought that I would give it a whirl.

On a subject that I am striving to do in my later years.

That is fitness however at the tender age of 49 I have decided to take up body building and try to re live my youth.

To which I am now suffering with pains in my muscles that I was not ware existed :D.

I have already covered a few sample posts mainly about foods for health.

Also stuff for pets because they need a bit of fitness and things in their lives also.

In the future however We will be covering certain diets that I have been trying out and have experienced results.

And of course some of the awesome workouts that have worked for me in my young years ha ha.

My goal on this weblog is not only to pass on any things that I experience,but also to keep track for my own benefit.

As well as for others who think that they are to old to carry out fitness, or even extreme sports like body building.

I will also be covering other issues that I find on the internet or in my life so do not be alarmed if I go off in a different tangent.

I suffer from what  I call the shiny syndrome.

Basically it like if I see something shiny at the end of my desk when I am talking  about something.

I will concentrate on the shiny object ha ha.So I get easily distracted with other things.

Which I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.


Next year I am hoping to be able to compete in over 50’s Body Building competition.

But that is a long way ahead at this moment.However  I will be adding some pictures and videos of training techniques.

For those who are interested in this sport.

There will be also many other topics cover about life in general.

I do try to be positive in life and I try not to be distracted by all the bad things that are in this world.

Life is to short not to enjoy and everyone should be happy  most of the time.

So please feel free to leave a valid comment or question on this site so I can answer you if I can.

Oh yes before I forget why did I choose Nostradamia as a site name ?

Well Nostradamus was said to be able to see in the future, this I can not do .

However I can change my future by keeping fit and active as I go into my fifties and sixties.

Thank you for your visit please enjoy my site and visits us in the future regards Micheal Allen



About Us
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About Us
Hello everyone and welcome to nostradamia.com .Lets start with what we are trying to achieve with this website,since I am fairly new to blogging about things I thought that I would give it a whirl on a subject that I am striving to do in my later years.
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