93 Kg To 77 Kg In 6 weeks My Journey In Fast Weight Loss

My Fast Weight Loss Journey 93 Kg To 77 Kg In 6 weeks

fast weight lossFast weight loss is not for everybody and it is certainly not the easiest thing I have done.

Especially at the tender young age of 49 ūüėÄ .

However it is achievable for everyone if you stick to the correct diet and training regime.

I was very lucky to get educated by people who not only knew what they were talking about.

But also took me down the right road in training before I ended up always being in bulking up stage.

Since I want to compete next year in bodybuilding.Bulking is what I thought that is the right thing to do.

Until I was advised by people that  not only was training wrong.

But weight loss was needed to see what was underneath all that excess weight  fat and water.

Fast weight loss The Diet

This is the  key to everything in weight loss  it is all about what you eat.

If you want to get fast weight loss or reduction of total body mass it all starts with what you put in your mouth daily simple as that.

Of course you need to do exercise also,but the diet is 70 % the greatest factor in loosing weight with out a doubt.

When  I went from 93 Kg To 77 Kg in 6 weeks my diet was that same everyday.

And I stuck to it even when I wanted to go and have other foods that were bad for me.

It was hard but as long as you have the right mindset keep to your¬† goals, then the rest is easy ūüėÄ .

Before you start to diet it is always good to seek medical and professional advise before considering  dieting.

Especially if you are overweight or slightly obese,please make sure that you talk to the right people before tackling and weight loss.

I was very lucky getting advise from smart fitness and being able to get some coaching from the people at muscle alley gym.

They were professional and gave me all the instruction that I needed  to lose fast weight in only 6 weeks.

My 6 Week Diet Plan


1 : Natural Peanut Butter 15 g

Dutch Green Smoothie 100 ml [see the  recipe here].

2 : Oats 40 g

3 : Tuna chunks In Spring Water 65 g tin can be used as 2 servings.

Almonds 20 g.

4 : Chicken breast 180 g

Broccoli -3 Spears about 5 inch long

5 : Steam or Poached Salmon 180 g

Asparagus – 6 spears medium 5 inch to 7 inch in length

6 : Lean Minced Beef 5 % fat 250 g

Asparagus 6 spears medium approx 5 to 7 inch in length

1 Medium fried Egg [fried with no fat]


And that is about all I was eating everyday.

You can however add a little tomato puree and some herbs to the mince beef . Or quarter of a tin of tomatoes to taste better.

Otherwise it is a little dry on its own .

Fast Weight Loss Exercises

The exercises that have been talored for me was given by a qualified fitness expert.

First I got my measurements and total weight were taken.

The next step was getting asked if I had any special conditions that they needed to know. {Medical conditions like asthma etc.}.

It was only after they took all the correct facts that a diet and exercise plan were made for my body.

Please take into consideration that everyone is different and what works for my body, may not be compatible with your own bodies needs.

I will put down the exercises that were given on my plan so you can get the idea of what is needed to be done to achieve weight loss.

My Weight Loss Exercises

I did workouts 4 times very week for 6 weeks.

Day 1:

Hammer curls 4 sets of 15 this can be done standing or sitting and can also be done with separate arms or both arms together .

Personally I prefer the sitting position as it seems to work the muscle better and then I can not cheat.

fast weight loss hammer curl 1








Bicep Curls 4 Sets of 15 reps either standing or sitting.

fast weight loss bicep curl








Incline Bench Press 5 sets  15 reps then 12 reps then 12 reps then  10 reps then a final 10 reps .

This can be done on a machine or on a bench with free weights make sure you touch your chest on each rep and then fully extend.

fast weight loss incline bench press







Pull Ups This is a fantastic shoulder and back work out I try to do at least 4 sets of 15  but if I can only do 10 I will do 6 sets of 10.

fast weight loss








Tricep Push Downs 5 sets of 15  of these  bad boys.

These really hurt if you push down slow and then let them back up slow so you include the negative movement.

loose weight fast







Day 2

Dumbbell walking Lunges 20 sets times 3¬† so you do 10 lunges on each leg ūüėÄ

walking-lunge weight loss








Squats  I did 4 sets of these  15 reps then 12 reps then another 12 reps then finish off with 2 sets of 10 reps.







Lying Leg Curls 4 sets of 12 reps.

lying leg curl weight loss fast







Barbell Dead Lift 5 sets of 15 reps this is a hard exercise so you need to get the technique right or you could hurt your lower back so be aware of having the correct weight.

barbell deadlift weight loss fast






Calf Raises 5 sets of 20 until burn out if possible.

These really do hurt when I did this exercise I did inner outer and middle. By turning my feet so I worked each muscle in my calf.

loose weight






On Day 3 and 4 We Up the work load

Day 3

Decline press ups  5 sets of 20 make sure you touch chest to floor or as far down as you can on each one .

fast weight loss











Kettle ball overhead press 3 sets of 12 reps on each arm.

weight loss fast










Kettle ball swing 4 sets of 15.












Kettle ball clean 3 sets of 10 reps on each shoulder.

Kettlebell-Clean-and-Press weight loss












Dips until you can not dip no more 3 sets.







Russian low cable twists 3 sets of 15 reps.

rusian low cable twists weight loss fast






Cable log chops 3 sets of 15 reps.

Standing-Cable-Wood-Chop- nostradamia







More Pull ups 3 sets of 15 reps

fast weight loss








Day 4

Barbell good mornings 4 sets of 15 reps

barbell good mornings








Air Squats 5 sets of 20

air squats







Front Squats 4 times 15 reps.

front-squat weight loss fast









Hex Bar dead lift 4 times 10 reps again please watch weight if you are going to try this.

hex bar dead lift lose weight very fast







Front Leg Extensions 3 lots of 15 reps.









Frog Sit Ups 4 sets of 20 these really hurt .

frogsitupweight loss







Kettle Bell twists 3 sets of 20 reps .

kettle twists






Spin Bike 2 times 20 minutes first 20 minutes easy then second 20 minutes hard . 10 minute rest between.

spin bike







And there you have it my exercise regime that I did for 6 weeks to lose the weight that I did.

All the above exercises where done with weights that i could manage no big heavy weights.

Just heavy enough to know that I was working on each exercise.

It is important that you do not lift to much this can cause damage so always ask if you are not sure.

Final Words

As I have said earlier this was my challenge and the work out and diet was solely for my own use .

But please feel free to use any information that may help you for your own training.

I am still training hard to achieve my goal I now  hit the gym 5 days a week and train hard every day.

My diet has now change as I need to add more weight in muscle so I can compete next year.

Thank you for reading my post please feel free to leave a valid  comment on 93 Kg To 77 Kg In 6 weeks My Journey In Fast Weight Loss.
fast weight loss


Mindset When Bodybuilding

Mindset When Bodybuilding

body building mindset

Mindset When Bodybuilding

Your Mindset when bodybuilding has to be correct.

No matter how old you are or how fit and active you think you are bodybuilding is by far one of the hardest sports that you can compete in.

The sheer pain of all those hours at the gym basically ripping and re ripping your muscles so they grow is a test of not only strength and endurance  but also a mental test.

Your mindset has to be totally focused on the goal that you have set out to do.

Bodybuilding is basically resistance exercise that will develop your muscles.

It is achieved  with the correct diet with carbohydrates  and oils  and proteins to get the best result.

Bulking Up

To get size on when you are body building you need to eat more calories.

There are 2 ways of doing this one is the clean bulk with is eating all the right foods that contain the correct fats oils and proteins and this way you will  not add too much fat to your body whilst growing.

The other is the dirty bulk where you eat everything including burgers take ways and sugary foods and do not really care about adding fat to your body a just adding lots of calories.

The excess fat will be gone when you diet down anyway.

Even whilst  bulking it can be  hard to fit extra meals in to your daily life some take as many as 10000 calories  a day.To gain the weight before dieting back down for competition.


Dieting down or cutting for bodybuilding is by far the hardest thing that you will have to do.

Many bodybuilders cut out all carbs up to 8 weeks before a competition.

This will be mentally and physically hard  and you have to have the right mindset and attitude or you will never make it.

All your energy will be at its lowest point and you still need to focus on lifting those weights and also doing a lot of cardio vascular exercises.

There is no easy way to get rid of all the excess fats and just have solid muscle to put on show.

Tips for setting your goal

1. Do not try to build up to fast it is a very slow process sometimes it can take years.

2. Get the right advice from people who have actually competed before.

3. Get the correct diet ask a nutritionist advice on what to eat at each stage.

4. Do not over exercise keep a good routine.

5. Get enough rest between work outs.

6. Drink enough water at all times.

7. The most important tip of all is enjoy working out.

It is a really hard sport and bodybuilding can  be hard as well as enjoyable you have to have the right frame of mind to compete and you have to want to win.

On the other hand body building can be great for fitness as well as for your health even if you do not take it serious enough to compete just for trimming or having a nice shapely body is a great feeling.

Thank you for reading my short article on Mindset when bodybuilding please feel free to leave a valid comment.








The Physical Fitness Benefits In Short

physical fitness benefitsPhysical Fitness Benefits

There can be  many benefits from physical fitness .

One of these is it can make the body  able to function better .

And it will work more efficiently and effectively in work and other activities in life.

Physical fitness Benefits is achieved by participating in the right physical exercise.

Also by  making sure that you eat the correct nutrition in your diet.

Physical Fitness is  Beneficial for your health

Many years  ago physical fitness would be measured by how you could carry out a days tasks without undue fatigue.

The term fitness came around the time of the industrial revolution,to be fit to carry out tasks.

To be healthy and to resist illness and hypokinetic diseases.

However in modern times people use it for endurance, sports,making themselves look physically better , and keeping illnesses away.

The benefits of being physically fit are amazing t it can reduce certain illnesses and make you live a better lifestyle.

List of illnesses that physical fitness can reduce :

Cancer  prevention Рit has been one of the recommendations from the  American Institute for Cancer Research that physical fitness can help reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

With the correct diet and lowering suger and and sodium intake.

Cardiovascular disease prevention– being fit can also help prevent cardio vascular disease.

This is because when you are physically fit your cholesterol level is lower.

Your blood pressure is better and it reduces blood clotting factors, and helps the strengthening  of blood vessels.

Controlling blood pressure – Being fit can also help control your blood pressure.

Physical fitness can build a stronger heart ,the heart controls systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

The more you exercise the more blood pressure is produced and the more you do it the easier it is for the heart to build it.

So eventually the heart organ does not have to work as hard to achieve this.

Other benefits from keeping fit :

Weight loss- fitness can benefit weight loss it is proven that physical fitness can help with weight control.

It can have influence on sex steroid hormones, it can mediate metabolism and induces abdominal fats.

Immune System –Physical activities¬† have shown to help the levels of natural killer (NK) cells, NK T cells, macrophages, neutrophils and eosinophils, complements, cytokines, antibodies and T cytotoxic cells in the body .

They also help with blood flow and hydration and it will boost your immune system.

Exercise  also is proven to promote growth of new tissues and tissue repair, a contracting muscle release myokines which  repairs tissue and helps with growth.

Types of Training for Physical Fitness Benefits:

Running – marathons, hill running, jogging, sprinting,100 meter spint, middle distance running, sand running.

cycling- competition cycling, road cycling, mountain biking,

Aqua jogging – swimming.

Treadmill or walking.

Cardio vascular training getting those lungs working hard. Or hit training [high intensity training] which is high active training following by a more easy relaxed slower training.

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Working Out When Your Older

working out when your older

Working Out When Your Older

Working out when your older can be hard, however it can be fun as long as you do not over do things at the gym.

If you get the right advice then this can be a whole new way of life.

Although as we get older we do start to slow down and take it a little easy.

It does not mean that we can not keep ourselves fit and active.

And start working out when we are older. After all we are pushing against gravity everyday.


Getting into a routine for working out

We need to get into a routine ,to not only work out .

But also keep so we keep  healthy and  eat the right foods that our body needs .

To lead a good lifestyle when we get a little older.

I mean how many times  do you come home from a hard day at work and just sit in front of the television for hours?

And then go to bed, sleep, and do the same routine day in day out .

Then at the weekend have a few drinks to unwind.

Seriously how many times have you even looked at the sugar content and fat content in your daily food diet?

Most of us just trust the supermarkets and hypermarkets thinking that its okay to eat most thing they sell.


Did you ever notice the offers that are on nearly every aisle that are usually cheap and full of sugar.

Because sugar is big business it is cheap to make and they sell tonnes of it in our food.

Unfortunately for us it is not very good for us and can make your really poorly if your eat to much of it .

Over the years there are hundreds of medical conditions caused by to much sugar intake.

Working out when your older

Here is my guide to working out when you are older:

First of all make sure that you are fit and healthy enough to start working out.

It is no good just going to the gym then over doing things when you have not been for many years.

It would be always a great idea to go and get a quick check up from your doctor and ask advice before you start any exercise.

When you start at any new gym always ask how to use the equipment properly.

It would be good to  introduce yourself to the staff of your gym.

Because when you become a regular these people will probably be giving you the right advice, so it is always good to get to know them.

Working Out When your Older Tips

Do not over do things remember you are getting a little older and you are not 21 anymore.

Although in your mind you may think you are. ūüėÄ

Take things slow ask questions on how to do an exercise correctly.

Rome was not built in a day working out is a slow progress the more you go the better and fitter you will get.

If you feel that something is to heavy go a little lighter and do more reps.

Then eventually you will get stronger.

It is always good ask advice, if you are not to sure. It is not a competition  you are only doing this for your benefit.

One of the most important things people forget to do is cardio vascular exercises running, cycling, rowing machines etc .

These types of exercises  are really good for getting your heart pumping and for loosing weight plus excellent for stamina.

Eating right if working out when your older

Eating the correct food and drink are also a must for working out.

There is no point in doing any  exercise if you go and eat 10 big macs afterwards.

We all really need  to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Always look at the ingredients of food, and cut out those that have high fat and sugar content.

At least this way your are giving your body the right fuel to work out.

My last bit of advice is very simple and that is enjoy yourself make it fun.

Then you will have a better work out and start to feel great inside and out.

Here is a video I found of a 81 year old working out.
Your age is not an issue.

Thank you for ready my post hope you enjoyed it  please feel free to comment.


Dutch Green Smoothie For Breakfast A Healthy Start

Dutch Green Smoothie

Dutch Green Smoothie

Have you ever thought of a way of eating healthy in the morning .

As well as getting all the energy to keep you going for a few hours .

Well here is the green smoothie or a dutch green smoothie .

This little gem that I started using everyday as a breakfast drink.

It is really tasty and it has all the vitamins and minerals.

That you will need to boost you start of the day.

dutch green smoothie

In a 100 ml of Green Smoothie it contains only:

Calories =52 .
Fat = 0.36 g.
Carbs = 12.61g .
Protein  = 1.37g .
So total calorie breakdown is:
5% fat.
85% carbs.
9% protein.

Ingredients for this wonderful dutch green smoothie are


23 g -Bananas.
23 g -Chinese Gooseberries (Kiwi Fruit).
23 g -Tangerines (Mandarin Oranges).
23 g -Spinach.
12 g- Water.

Dutch Green Smoothie Options

There are other options you can add as fruit and vegetables.
Also if you feel the need to you can always swap for berries, blueberries or blackberries for example.
Or you could even  use kale instead of spinach.
Or substitute  coconut water instead of water to get a sweeter taste.
No matter how you make one of these  green  smoothies.
I am sure once you try then you will be wanting a different healthy green smoothie  everyday.
There are also other healthy alternatives in the morning by blending different fruits and greens.
To get the acquired taste that you like.
But no matter what you add always make sure that there are not to many sugars or fats in the contents.
If you add  yogurts or similar to your smoothie.
The whole point of making these is to maintain a healthy balance.
There are many recipes on the internet if you search.
I will however in the near future add a resource page on healthy options in the morning.
Personally I prefer the green smoothie because it has low calories and it is cheap.
It is also  easy to make especially first thing in the morning ,a perfect healthy start for your breakfast.

Here are more Green Smoothie recipes that i found on You Tube.

Please feel free to add a comment on my post on the dutch green smoothie, I hope you enjoyed it thank you for reading .


Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog

Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your DogThree Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog.

Our Dogs like all our pets are part of our family.

We love to give them a treat or two when we can.

So we got thinking what sort of berries can they eat so we did a little research.

And we found 3 Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog .

Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog

Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your DogOne of the Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog are:

Blueberries are a super food that is not only good for us.

But they also provide your dog with the same benefits as what we get out of them.
The blueberry is a very popular berry. It is low in calories, but high in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K.
Blueberries are believed to contain the highest antioxidant capacity of ALL commonly consumed fruits and vegetables.


They can protect from DNA damage,urinal tract infections fight against diabetes help repair muscle damage.

Also heart disease so a really good choice to add into your dogs diet as a treat.

3 Types Of Berries That Are Good for Your Dog

Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your DogThe second type of berry that is healthy  for your dogs is the Strawberry.

Not only are they juicy summery and delicious, they are also a super food.

Nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C) strawberries offer a wide range of health benefits some of which may really surprise you.

They can help build your dogs immune system, strawberry’s can also promote eye health reduce cholesterol and boost fiber in your dogs diet.

So they are also a good treat to add into your dogs diet but please be aware not to give to many as they are also high in natural sugars.

 Types Of Berries That Your Dog can eat

Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your DogAnd the third option for a healthy berry treat is the Blackberry

Blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits.

They can help promote the healthy tightening of tissue.

They also can help to reduce intestinal inflammation.

They  can also help reduce any inflammation of the gums.


They very high in vitamin c they are loaded with antioxidants.

Also they  fight free radicals in your dog.

And have plenty of fiber and vitamins too.

They will be a natural treat for your dog.

Types Of Berries That Are great  for Your Dog to eat

I also found this watermelon dog treat on you tube that looks great.


Thank you for reading my post on Three Types Of Berries That Are Healthy for Your Dog .

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